Rapid growth in the last 25 years has led to major changes to the city of Umeå.

The most important of these is the shift of focus in Umeå towards the river, which has become a thriving element of the city. Boating is flourishing. The river is populated by vessels of all sizes, from inflatable boats and kayaks to shrimp-dinner boats and more luxurious yachts. The carparks have been transformed into modern parks, suitable for all types of activities that include everything from the Parkour Park to sing-alongs in Döbeln Park. Enjoy a picnic in Öbacka Park, preferably with a fishing rod in hand. Fishing is free downstream from Gamla Bron (the Old Bridge).

Getting here

Destinations & sights

For children

Skate- och Parcour parks. For elderly children.

Bildmuseét. Creative training for the small children.

The library (Väven). For the whole family.

Umeå Energicentrum. Recycling shop is situted on the 2nd floor of the Kafé Maskinisten. Here the children can potter and make natty weekly missions.


Skate and parkour parks

Speed and precision are in full display at Umeå’s skate and parkour parks. If you’re looking for exciting action right in the city centre, look no further than the skate and parkour parks located side-by-side between the bridges in the centre. Here you can try out the basics for the first time, or do a hard-core session as an experienced practicer.


Food and drink by the river

Craving ice cream, a quick snack or a three-course meal? Along the riverbank there are numerous cafes and restaurants offering a broad range options to meet your every taste.


Fishing in the city

Few Swedish cities can offer attractive fishing in the heart of the city like Umeå can. The range here is wide – from quay fishing to one of the country’s most compelling sea trout fishing sites.


The cycling city

Discover the river on two wheels! Umeå is a cycling city. The cycling paths are busy all year round. If you’d rather experience the city on two wheels than on two legs you can rent a bike.


Parks by the river

Relax in an oasis of calm in any and every season. In central Umeå there are several parks close to the river offering recreation and relaxation at any time of year. Sit down, have an ice cream or hot chocolate and enjoy.


Accomodation close to the river

Hostel bed or en suite? The choice is yours. Close to the Ume River are a number of accommodations, offering everything from leisure and luxury to simple and charming. Whatever your personal preference, there’s an option to suit you. Here you can check in with your cellmates.