Överboda is located in western Umeå Municipality and borders Vännäs Municipality, a strategic location between these two municipal capitals.

Is Överboda a classic old farming community or is it now just a modern suburb of the city of Umeå? Both descriptions are probably accurate, but it does have a strong business community which now plays an important role in the area’s survival. We can therefore describe Överboda with these simple keywords:

  • A dynamic farming tradition
  • A diverse and interesting business community
  • Modern suburb to the City of Umeå – friendly residential setting
  • Acceptable level of infrastructure

Source: Överboda blog

Destinations & sights

The Large Stone (Stora stenen)

Carvings on boulder in a 1×1 m area. There are 4–5 carvings on the north side of the boulder. The carvings are symbols. The individual carvings are 4–7 cm wide and 4–9 cm tall.

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Getting here