Several additional buildings were constructed near the Norrfors sawmill, forming an estate: a manor house, baker’s cottage, shed, stables/barn, woodshed, hay barn, hay-drying rack, cowshed, worker’s home and a smithy.

The estate was established in 1846 (the same year as Baggböle Manor) as a home for the head of Norrfors Sawmill, with a six-part design, felt half-hip roof and classical shapes, especially in the finely detailed portal.

Adjacent to the manor house were a few older cottages, baker’s cottage, a barn with a large hay-drying rack and a few sheds. The barn was built in the 1830s.

The worker’s housing was northwest of the sawmill dam.

The sawmill was built in 1840 with a 12-blade frame; it was operated by a wheel. Dickson & Co bought the sawmill in 1850 and the privileges were transferred to Baggböle, except for one block-cutting frame for the needs of the Norrfors villagers.

It is now privately owned by Svarte Månsson Swartling, Västra Norrfors.

Norrfors Estate became a listed site in 1984.