Project Description

Speed and precision are in full display at Umeå’s skate and parkour parks. If you’re looking for exciting action right in the city centre, look no further than the skate and parkour parks located side-by-side between the bridges in the centre. Here you can try out the basics for the first time, or do a hard-core session as an experienced practicer.

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Sparken skate park, located next to Hamnmagasinet by the quay downtown, is an attraction that is part of the City Between the Bridges Project. It is an arena for skateboarding, in-line skates, kick scooters and BMX bikes, and it is a meeting place not just for enthusiasts for these sports, but for all of Umeå’s young people. The project began in spring 2008 after a dialogue between Umeå municipality and active youth associations in Umeå.