Project Description

Umeå Municipality is currently building Lundabron, a new bridge over the Ume River. The bridge will cross between Lundåkern, Bölesholmarna and the island of Gröna Oxen. When completed, Lundabron will be the longest suspension bridge in Sweden for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge will be a connection that ties together the city’s western areas with Teg for those who walk and cycle. It will make travel and commuting across the river easier and will also improve access to nature and recreational areas for city residents.

Bölesholmarna, separation point

Camilla says of Bölesholmarna: “It’s a hidden pleasure for those who don’t want to travel too far. It’s quiet, peaceful, scenic, and one hundred percent car-free.”

On the Ume River’s southern shore, and within sight of the Umeå city centre, lies the green and peaceful area of Bölesholmarna. This scenic and leafy locale is widely appreciated and a suitable destination for shorter excursions. There is also a sandy beach, perfect for families with children. There is also shelter from the wind and several fire spots for barbecuing. Fishing opportunities are likewise plentiful.

Up until 1980, log driving was commonplace in the area and a number of log booms were placed in the river. The area was home to a timber storage site, logging barracks, and a suspension bridge; the foundations of which are still visible on Gröna Oxen. Other remains exist in the form of arches, logs, and concrete constructions.