Project Description

Umeå Energy Centre is located in Klabböle, just a few minutes by car west of the city centre. It offers a broad and exciting range of activities with everything from a power station museum in the old power station from 1899 to an adventure park, experiment workshop, and cafe.

Umeå Energicentrum is a popular destination in Klabböle, about 8 km west of downtown Umeå.

The centre is owned and operated by Umeå Energi, our municipal power company. In summer, Umeå Energicentrum offers guided tours of the old power plant museum, which dates back to 1899.

In addition to the museum area, the museum contains a 150-year-old functioning frame saw from the Baggböle sawmill (the Risliden saw) as well as a watermill.

The area also has an adventure park, café, experimental laboratory and a creative recycling workshop for kids of all ages.

Open from mid-June to mid-August, free entry and guide.

Other times: guided tours only.

Read more about Umeå Energicentrum on their website.