Project Description

Skeppsbron, below Tullkammaren and the cultural centre Väven, is yet another locale where residents can enjoy attractive views of the river. Visitors are attracted to Skeppsbron all year round due to its proximity to shopping areas. Restaurant boats can be found by the docks, there are plans in place to build stone-covered surfaces with green oases as well as free zones for activities and events.

Seating areas sheltered from the wind allow for taking some time out or meeting a friend. Small-scale stages for performances with pre-arranged equipment will create opportunities for larger concerts and events. There are seating places, plants, painted mats and food trucks for lunch and snacking.

Skeppsbron lies right by the river between Hamnmagasinet and Väven, the cultural centre. It is a central location along the river and the area is best suited to larger events such as concerts, but even hosts the occasional sports event. The area’s name comes from the shipbuilding that occurred there in the 1700s.