Project Description

A lush oasis on the bank of the Ume River

Årstidernas Park, (The Seasons Park), grew out of new efforts between the bridges originally called Lugn och Ro (Peace and Quiet). The goal was to create a park for everyone seeking a moment to breathe, a lush oasis on the bank of the Ume River, a permissive place with flowers, play and preferably a café, in contrast with the more typically designed neighbouring Rådhusparken.

The Peace and Quiet section was intended to be a park with a blend of isolation and openness, and with the quality and richness of detail that could serve as a dynamic source of inspiration for park and garden designers in northern Sweden. The popular concept garden called Trädgård below Rådehusparken had been built for the 1987 housing show. It was removed before Rådhusparken was renovated and so the Peace and Quiet Park could it.
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