Project Description

Angården, the residence of a public official in the early part of the 18th century, has one floor with an unfurnished attic under a large, hipped, mansard roof. County treasurers, vicars, county governors, judges, lieutenants, and farmers with families have lived here, and all of whom made their living in part from the farm’s extensive operations.
The building was originally unpanelled and bright red with transom windows and red-tarred board roof. The current yellow-painted flat panels were added in 1840, patterned after the plastered facades of manors in southern Sweden.
After a variety of uses during the 20th century and a long period of neglect, the building was renovated in 1996 and now accommodates two residences. Inside are many reverentially preserved interior details from 1797 and 1820.

Adress: Angårdsvägen 1, Umeå
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