Project Description

Umeå City Church

Aluminium sculpture outside the Umeå City Church. The work is part of the Fyren project, in which four artists each create a new piece that is shown in four churches.

A child sits on a brick wall. He wears shorts, a T-shirt, a cap, boots and a snorkelling mask. Beneath the wall are three cast oval indentations – puddles. The child kicks his legs a little and is on his way down from the edge to jump and play in the puddles.

“I want to present the unrestrained curiosity and joy of discovery in children, which I think is an important quality from an existential perspective, to lead us home and onwards,” says Mikael Åberg.

Mikael Åberg, Umeå, works mainly in sculpture and installation, but also photography, video art, drawing and painting.

Hoppare is part of the Contemporary Art Meets the Church project, a collaboration between the Church of Sweden in Umeå, the Sensus Study Association and Umeå 2014.

About Mikael Åberg