Project Description

After defence reforms in 1893 and 1901, when compulsory military service was expanded, Umeå became a county seat. The Swedish Army Administration’s architect, Erik Josephson, erected the Dragoon Regiment’s buildings during the 1898–1911 period.

The barracks housing the conscripts occupy a central place in the regimental grounds. Like the guardhouses to the south and the officers’ mess in the southeast corner, it has an austere and classic design. North of the barracks are wooden stables and a riding school with panelled facades that reflect the buildings’ pole construction.

Since 1969, when the K4 Regiment moved out, enlarged and rebuilt premises at the old barracks area have been occupied by Umeå Municipality.

Källa: Umeå kommun
Foto: Patrik Forsberg
Text: Lena Tengnér